As nature intended

Union Station encompasses the finest quality beef and lamb, farmed to the world’s highest standard and hand selected for your enjoyment from the lush green pastures of Australia’s own Union Station.

It is exceptional Australian product, tender, juicy and just as nature intended.

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Union Station is exceptional Australian free range beef, chosen from the lush green pastures of Australia’s pristine southern coast

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Combining a progressive attitude with a rich heritage, The Union Station encompasses the finest quality free range lamb.


Our Story

In 1843 James Carmichael took up a pastoral lease of 5065 acres in Australia’s pristine and fertile south-west Victorian farming district.

Named The Union Station, the notable property soon became a renowned farming enterprise, recognised for its productivity and fine stock.

A passion for animal welfare, coupled with extensive farming experience and the region’s rich, fertile land, has led to the production of exceptional beef and lamb.

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If you would like to try some of the finest beef and lamb the great south coast has to offer, feel free to contact our dynamic sales team who can help meet your demands no matter how small or large.