Union Station Beef

Union Station encompasses the finest quality premium beef, farmed to the world’s highest standards and hand selected for your enjoyment from the lush green pastures of Australia’s own Union Station.

It is exceptional Australian product, tender, juicy and just as nature intended. Enjoy.

Union Station Porterhouse

The Union Station porterhouse is a crowd favourite with tender, juicy results time after time. A good choice for anyone wanting a mouth-watering experience at home or from a restaurant near you.

Union Station Eye Fillet

If you are looking for premium then you can't go past our eye fillet. Arguably the most tender cut available this is simply a cut above the rest.

Union Station Rump

One of the most diverse cuts of meat. The Union Station Rump can be cooked in a wide variety of dishes and is the premium choice for anyone looking to take their dish to the next level.

Union Station Scotch

Our Union Station Scotch is packed full of flavour. The rich fat marbling enhances each dish you cook with this amazing cut, with different cooking methods to suit different tastebuds we recommend this for your first cook of our Union Station product.