Spiedino di Manzo con Radicchio

This is going to become one of your bbq favourites. These skewers are delicious and a lot of fun to put together for hot summer days. The bitterness of the radicchio is a perfect counter balance for the rich beef.

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Paccheri Agnello Abbruzzese

Paccheri lamb ragu A staple of the abruzzo region and a Winning combination of earthy flavours. Paccheri are a great paring texturally for the Sumptuous lamb flavours that’s sure to please the

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Grossi Lasagne

This should probably say marissa’s lasagne.
My mothers recipe for an Italian classic and is always on our menu at cellar bar.
This dish is the embodiment of comfort and home

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Alla Romana

Unashamedly rustic and delicious.
This is a recipe taught to me by my father and I’ve had great pleasure teaching it to my children.
The flavours are deep and rich and the cut of lamb is sensational for slow cooking.

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Lamb Ribs with Chilli Jam

This is dude food with a very Italian twist.

These ribs are delicious and the chili jam adds not only spice but this lovely sweetness that cuts through the richness of the meat itself.

Make extra because these go quick!

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